Tranquility Care Services

Our approach to caregiving is tailored to meet individual needs, promoting self-reliance and respecting personal uniqueness.
Service At Glance

The ICS Program

The ICS program is centered around the client’s home and community. We tailor our services to fit the family culture, to meet the consumer’s needs and to be flexible in schedule and design.

Community Participation

Community mobility and pedestrian safety (e.g., safely getting in and around the community).

Health, Safety & Wellness

Collaboration with the person to arrange health care (e.g., physical, mental, chemical), meaningful activities, social services, meetings and appointments

Household Management

Cueing, guidance, supervision, training or instructional support to complete routine household care and maintenance.

Adaptive skills

Our staff meets with families, interdisciplinary team members and the client regularly to monitor expectations. The schedule design is flexible to meet the client’s needs.

Who We Are

Professionals With Years Of Experience

At our company, we specialize in offering personalized care that empowers our clients to maintain their independence and individuality. Our team of seasoned professionals provides compassionate and professional care that is tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. Our approach involves working collaboratively with our clients and their care teams to develop plans that prioritize their health, overall wellness, and self-sufficiency.
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